Debora David: Product Designer, UX/UI for startups, SaaS and B2B

Hi, I'm Debora, Product Designer.

I design intuitive experiences and interfaces that simplify the lives of SaaS enterprise users.


Designing enterprise SaaS for B2B startups

Knowtrex: a radical makeover for upscaling

Knowtrex needed to fully redesign its data analytics SaaS, conceive products for new markets, and revamp corporate communication.

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Flowls: a comprehensive product overhaul for growth

Flowls knew exactly how to attract new clients and investors, and just needed a designer to translate their expertise into a delightful user experience.

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Intuitive, efficient & data-driven

My expertise lies in creating intuitive experiences and interfaces that help enterprise users easily perform complex tasks in a SaaS environment without even realizing it.

I help shape a design culture within the team and company from product conception to delivery, by building user-centric Agile frameworks focused on simplicity, business results, and efficiency.

I value aesthetics, intuition, planning, data, talented diverse people, and collaboration.

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